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Programmer and Marketer. We're married, educated and very dangerous...

We consult and help people with business and social projects in Ukraine and abroad!

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Tro: Programming and Administration

Do you need high-qualified and responsible programmer? Congratulations, you find him!

Tro: Open source enthusiasm

If you are ready to contribute the worldwide IT with talented programmer, please, let us know!

Ola: PR and Leadership

Do you need somebody to harmonize your company inside and outside? Depend on this young lady to see things through.

Ola: Writing

I can't imagine my life without creating any useful text. Be sure, I'll create a masterpiece text for you.

We are open for worldwide communication

Two of Us

TRO: Nazar Gerasymchuk

OLA: Olha Diachuk

So, you have nothing to choose, but...

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